About Stemz

Recognized for reimagining and transforming spaces into memorable and spectacular environments, Stemz has received countless accolades for its innovation and impeccable client services that bring each client’s wish list to life with unrivaled style.

Stemz visionary leaders, Fiona Liston and Lindsay Milne, are the centerpiece of every creative triumph. Along with their masterful team they have earned an enviable reputation for incomparable originality in design and commitment to client service excellence.

Stemz has received industry praise while maintaining its personable, hands’ on approach and uncompromising commitment to perfection. Leveraging their artistic sensibilities, Stemz maintains a strong, loyal client following and continues to win new fans.

Fiona Liston Lindsay Milne

Stemz Team

Artistic and adept, Stemz’ close-knit team is passionately committed to bringing clients’ wishes to fruition. The team’s raison d’être is to transcend the expected by fashioning original floral designs and environments that dazzle and delight, and evoke immeasurable pleasure.